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Flashy Beepy AV

A multipurpose discord bot with all the features you'ld ever need!



Flashy Beepy AV will make you get rid of many other bots! Here's why.

-> Games. All bots have games of some kind or the other. But our bot has classic games like rock paper scissors, hangman, roll a dice, flip a coin, virtual fight!

-> Moderation. We have made our bot in such a way that it can adjust slowmode, kick members, ban members, view their info or avatar for security reasons, mute members for swearing, and what not?

-> Modmail. Our bot has a well developed system of modmail... Who doesn't like an easy way to reach out to staff?

-> Suggestions. We don't want people to behave by the will of their server owners. We want them to actively shape their server, and thats what our suggestions feature enables.

-> Fun. Our bot can do various general things like generating random yet memorable passwords, setting timers, giving reminder to run !d bump command, calculator, interest calculator, and also the weather!

-> Economy. Our bot can do various economy features like sharing, buying, begging, etc! This feature is in complete development.

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