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Big Programming Update 👨‍💻 and Bot Verification 🤖

First of all, thank you all for your great support. 🎉 And thanks for your feedback regarding bot verification in Discord. You really help me a lot and motivate me to continue with this. Discord has finally verified my bot, so you can now put it on an infinite number of servers and have a nice day with it. The bot has now been rewritten from the Java programming language to the JavaScript language. The reason for this is that I have much more possibilities to improve it and the bot should not lag so much anymore. If you have any improvement tips, I welcome you to write them in my GitHub as an issue. I will be happy to add more features related to purge messages/channels. With kind regards JH220



At first glance a simple ClearChat bot you dont need, but at second glance a useful tool for moderating the deletion of unnecessary messages on your Discord server. Take back control of your Discord server now and add the bot to your server today!


  • cc help (Get a useful overview of all commands of the bot!)
  • cc invite (Send the bot's invite link to the chat!)
  • cc clear [Amount] [User] (Delete a certain number of messages in the channel or leave the number blank and delete the last 100 messages!)


Invite this bot to your server now and enjoy a worry-free day!

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