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Ultimate Monki

Do you like monkeys? You want a bot? Well look no further I am ultimate monki!



I can do Economy, GIF's, monkey facts, live webcams of monkeys, Moderation AND MORE! We have 3 bot dev's helping with this project 24/7. This was a bot specifically made for monkey themed servers! By adding this bot you are helping us in our journey to help monkeys survive in the wild. Hope you like it!

ECONOMY m+search m+steal m+daily m+bal

MUSIC m+play m+stop m+queue

GIF m+taunt m+hug m+kiss m+flirt m+shoot m+slap m+dominate m+flex m+snipe

LIVE FOOTAGE OF MONKEYS m+liveSD m+liveBS m+liveDET m+liveHOU m+liveKC

UTILITY m+ban m+unban m+clear m+membercount m+updates m+support

FUN m+monkirate m+fact m+rate m+truth m+dare m+8ball m+monkeymeme

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