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Dckingdoms is a discord bot written in python to transform your discord server into a kingdoms server.




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Dckingdoms is a discord bot written in python to transform your discord server into a kingdoms server. This bot allows users to create kingdoms and regions which can then be joined by users of the discord server. Kings can decide to attack regions that are part of other kingdoms. Players can train and work every hour to gain strength and workpower. Strength can be used in a battle by each user to deal damage and workpower can be used by kings to deal damage.

This bot stores discrord user id's of people that participate in the game. At anytime players can quit the game and the user id will then be removed from the database.

The following commands are available:

All commands start with "-dck", arguments are separated by a whitespace: "-dck set_admin @user"

Admin commands:

  • start_game

  • end_game

  • create_kingdom kingdomname

  • create_region kingdomname regionname

  • set_admin @user

  • demote_admin @user

  • set_king kingdomname @user

King commands:

  • attack_region kingdomname regionname

  • use_workpower kingdomname regionname amount

Citizen commands:

  • join_kingdom kingdomname regionname

  • train

  • work

  • change_location regionname

  • attack regionname amount

  • defend regionname amount

  • leave_game

General commands:

  • profile @user

  • kingdom kingdomname

  • kingdom_list

  • region_list

  • status_battle regionname

If you encouter errors or have suggestions, please send an email to [email protected]

Version: 1.0


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BlazeTBMK 3 days ago

Looks rlly promising but rlly doesnt work yet. I cant use the region command so I cant make regions and I cant join any kingdoms or set new admins. I was really excited thinkin that I can split my group of friends into 2 Kingdoms only to find out I cant. Looks promising tho so I hope I can see an update. Edit: I went to ur github to check on the code and found out what to do. It doesnt say to put the kingdom name first before making a region.

avatar of dckingdoms
dckingdoms 3 days ago

Thanks for pointing that out.

Replying to BlazeTBMK

avatar of Cupavac
Cupavac 4 days ago

Im stulit but how do I join a game.

avatar of dckingdoms
dckingdoms 4 days ago

you can use the join_kingdom command once a game is set up.

Replying to Cupavac