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A multi-purpose Discord bot who is known with posting Game News!






Syfac is now in Early Access

You can use Syfac in your server now! You can find some bugs, please inform us about the bug/bugs you find so we can fix them and give you a 1 Month Syfac Premium when Syfac's full version is launched.


Do you have a public / gaming / friend's only Discord Server? Syfac will protect your server. Do you wan't to instantly know about Steam, EpicGames, Xbox, Ubisoft's discounts when they are tweeted? Well Syfac will help you with that. Using Syfac not only protects your server it notifys you with the best prices for your favorite games too! With Syfac you will be more economic when buying games. You no longer need to check Steam / Ubisoft / EpicGames / Xbox about their discounts. Syfac has a premium which is not out yet. Do you have a Twitch channel? You can use Syfac to notify your members when you're livve and it's fully Automatic (Reddit, Twitter, Github and Youtube versions of this command is coming soon)!!! Syfac is only in Early Access for now but you can use Syfac like its the full version! Syfac is equal to quality!

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