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A multifunctionality discord bot with some cool features still in development this is the first version!



!This is the first version dont hate! Im still working on the bot it will be updated everyday right now the commands are: --Config !command - to disable / enable a command !language - to set a language !prefix - to change the bot prefix on the server !requiredrole - to set a command that can be used just with the mentioned role --Help !help - shows you the help menu --Economy !addbalance - Add balance to someone on the server (requires 'ADMINISTRATOR' permission) !balance - Shows your balance or mention someone to see thier balance !daily - Gives you the daily (500 coins) !pay - Pays someone with your balance --Misc !botinfo - Shows some bot info !ping - Shows the bot ping !supportserver - Gives you an invite to the support server !test - Shows the functionality of the bot !userinfo - Shows your user informations or mention someone to see thier user informations --Utility !serverinfo - Shows informations about the server you type the command in !playaudio - If youre in a channel the bot joins with you and start sing some anime music !say - Say a message as a bot but the message is embed type !uptime - Shows the uptime of the bot --Moderation !ban - Bans someone from the server !kick - Kicks someone from the server !clearchannel - Clear messages from a channel !slowmode - Set the slowmode in seconds of a channel you type the command in

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