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Try your luck with HuTaoBot. Claim dailies and play minigames to collect characters from the Genshin Impact universe!






Version 1.6 Klee Limited and Weapon Banners Added

NEW: Mitternachts Waltz (OTHERS: Increased minigames entry costs but also increased rewards.)


Welcome to HuTaoBot

Feeling lucky? HuTaoBot invites you to demonstrate your fortune!

Play simple games to gather Primogems and roll for your favorite Genshin Impact characters. Share the experience of obtaining super rare characters and weapons with your friends on Discord.

HuTaoBot simulates Genshin Impact's gacha system but provides more generous opportunities to collect Primogems. Expect the latest character and weapon banners from the original Genshin Impact.

Note: Please do not spam reactions on messages from this bot!


Ad Astra Abyssoque!

h!daily: Check in daily for Primogems and Mora! (Resets everyday CST)


h!wish (Optional: <banner_character> <weapon> <roll_count> <skip>): Roll for characters and weapons. Must have sufficient Primogems (160 Primogems for a single roll and 1600 Primogems for a multi-roll).

  • Use <banner_character> to specify the banner. (e.g. h!wish venti) -- Use <weapon> to specify rolling on the weapon banner. Must specify <banner_character>. (e.g. h!wish albedo weapon) -- If no banner characters are specified, defaults to the Standard Banner (Wanderlust Invocation).
  • For reruns, append a number to the character name. (e.g. h!wish venti2)
  • Use <roll_count>, which can only be either 1 or 10, to immediately roll on the banner. (e.g. h!wish zhongli 10) -- Use <skip> to skip the shooting stars animation. Must specify <roll_count>. (e.g. h!wish ganyu 10 skip)

h!wish_help: Sends a quick guide on how to make wishes on HuTaoBot.

h!history: HuTaoBot will DM the history of all your rolls.

h!pity: HuTaoBot will DM your pity counts at a glance.


h!balance: Check your Mora and Primogem totals.

h!characters (Optional: <character>): HuTaoBot will DM all characters collected. Optionally, you may look into the details of a character by providing their name. e.g. h!characters venti.

h!weapons (Optional: <weapon_id>): HuTaoBot will DM weapons you've collected. Optionally, you may look into the details of a weapon by providing their Weapon ID (ID values can be found using h!weapons). e.g. h!weapons debclu for the Debate Club.

h!equip <weapon_id> <character>: Equip a weapon to a character.

h!unequip <character>: Remove a weapon from a character.


h!vision_match (Optional: <elemental vision>): Randomly roll for three characters, and if at least two have the same element types, receive Primogem! Optionally, you may guess the winning element type; if correct, receive double the rewards else receive half the rewards. <elemental_vision> can be one of anemo, cryo, dendro, electro, geo, hydro, or pyro.

h!jade_mystery <position>: From the three Jade stones, choose a <position> (left, middle, or right). Receive Primogems from guessing the brightest stone!

h!coin_flip <side>: Simply flip a coin. Guess the correct side and receive Primogems! <side> must be one of heads or tails.


Images, weapon stats, and character stats retrieved from the following:

Honey Impact

Genshin Impact Fandom



This bot is for fun and has no affiliation with the official Mihoyo Genshin Impact title.

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