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Rocket League rank bot. Retrieves your rocket league MMR, rank and reward level for current and previous seasons!


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Retrieve your Rocket League ranks with rlTrack!

You can get your ranks from any platform (Steam, Playstation, Xbox, Epic and Switch!) and from any in-game season!

It's as easy as one simple command: -rank <platform> <username> {-extra} {-s<season number>}

Here's some examples:

-rank epic RealLethamyr

-rank psn oKhaIiD -extra

-rank steam rizzotv -extra -s12

If that's not quite quick enough however, you can now link a profile to your discord using: -rankme

To see information on all my commands, you can use: -rankcommands

We have recently reached Discord's server limit. We are currently awaiting verification and new users will not be able to add the bot until this is complete. Thank you for understanding!

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