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It is a bot that can be used for moderation and for fun and there is a music feature too so it is a very fun bot




Ari ツ

Ari ツ

This is an all rounded bot that can play music kick and ban people it even has a seceret command.It can also play music. It can purge and snipe. in total it is an allrounded bot that can do alot of things and if you think there is more that can be added do +rate and then you can rate the bot and give feedback and it has a The music command can play any music you want.This bot is family friendly besides and the best part is this bot is always going to be updated and improved so 1 bug that will be there 1 day will be fixed almost immediatly. I am open to all suggestions and it even has a little suprise for coders. In general it is a very fun bot that can be used for fun moderation kicking and banning muting and unmuteing sniping and purging and is a very fun bot to use

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