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Helpy Main Commands ! h/help - h/general - h/music - h/premuim Go To Support Server For More Help By Using Command h/support



A Decent Discord Bot For Modertation System You Can Use ( h/general - h/help - h/admin - h/music )For Some Bot Help!

About Bot |

There is Alot Of Premuim Commands Too. You Can Use Them By Buying Them From Our Shop (Premuim Channel)

Commands |

  • h/top To Show Top Score Of This Server \n - h/tt To Show Top Text in This Server \n- h/tv To Show Top Voice in This Server \n- h/level To Show Your Level \n - h/Helpy To Show Helpy's Info \n - h/account To Show account Infomations \n - h/support To Show All Support Options \n - h/ping To Show Your Ping Or Bot Ping \n - h/profile To Show Your Profile \n - h/say To Say What You Want The Bot To Say \n - h/server To Show The Server Info \n - h/roles To Show The Server Roles \n - h/stinv To Send A Support Server Invite (Private) \n - h/bottime To Show Bot Stared Time \n - h/serverava To Show The Server Icon \n - h/invhelp To Show How To Open D'm(s) \n - h/avatar To Show Your Personal Profile Image

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