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FreshBot is a multi-purpose Discord bot with a lot of features! Such as music, utility, image manipulation, and more!


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Hello everyone, I'm currently working on a full rewrite for FreshBot, version 2.0.0 v2 will cover these: -Better perfomance -Better uptime -More functionality in the bot -More customization -Better database to keep your data save and sound with no problems -Better music quality so you can listen to music anytime ... and way more! v2 ETA is 2 weeks or so, I won't rush this update, because this is gonna be one of the biggest update in FreshBot! Thank you for using FreshBot!


FreshBot is a multi-purpose Discord bot with a lot of features!


• Starboard
Do you want a starboard? FreshBot have it! You can do >starboard create to see how to setup the starboard system, then when a message have enough star reactions, it will automatically be sent to the starboard channel!

• Music
Have you ever wish to listen musics in Discord? Well now you can! You can play, pause, change volume, and more! Do >help music for full commands reference.

• Giveaway system
Do you want to giveaway something? It's easy to do with FreshBot! Just do >gstart #channel time winners prize and there will be a giveaway setup in the channel you want! You can do >help giveaway to see full commands reference.

• Powerful image manipulation
Have you ever wish, to add filters, or make memes in Discord directly? You can! You can add magik filter, make someone's profile picture triggered, make a change my mind meme, and way more! Do >help image manipulation> to see full commands reference.

• Lots of utility commands
FreshBot have a lot of utility commands, such as >serverinfo, >userinfo, >avatar, >translate >calc and way more! You can do >help utility to see the full commands reference.

• Fun commands
Do you want to engage your members using some fun commands? You can do that with FreshBot! FreshBot have a lot of fun commands such as >wouldyourather, >joke, >meme, >meme, >editsnipe and more! You can do >help fun to see full commands reference.

And much more! Stll not interested? Why not just invite the bot to your server and try it yourself!

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