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Bot 12

A multipurpose bot with many features including welcome messages, auto-mod, and even anti-alt!


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Bot 12

Bot 12

A random bot with a random name. A bot to help your server with moderation, utility and more.

Some commands this bot offers

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  • ❌ Anti Links - No links allowed when enabled
  • ❌ Anti Invites - No invites allowed when enabled- ❌ Anti Spoilers - No spoilers allowed when enabled
  • ❌ Anti Alt - Automatically kicks alts if they join when enabled
  • ❌ Anti Bots - No bots will be able to be added to the server when the person who added doesn't have a certain role (mod role in config) when enabled
  • ✅ Automatic Administrator Command Deletion - Deletes administrator commands when enabled
  • ✅ Configurable Prefix - A customizable prefix
  • ✅ Modrole - A modrole to bypass permission checks
  • ✅ Welcome Messages - A plugin to send messages to a channel with variables whenever a user joins or leaves

Antispam coming soon...

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