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Koyn is a albion online market bot, he collect data from the albion-data-project API and show the best place to buy your items.



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It is a market bot used to check the price of items in the Albion Online game cities.


Commands Description
$p gold Check the current price of the gold
$p item tier
$p brimstone 5.2
$p brimstone 5 (for a 5.0)
$p brimstone
Common doubts
$premium Current price of the premium
Current utc time
Bot personal info
$patreon or $donate
Help the bot to keep up
Send a feedback message
$adc Tutorial about Albion Data Client
Commands for Vips
Commands for admins
Complete tutorial about how to use the bot
List of rules
Do you wanna help the bot be more updated?
type $adc and follow the tutorial

Examples about how to use

Search for a item
First type the name and tier.enchant
If he find more than one language for the item name you typed so you need to select which language do you want see the next messages

item search

If the bot found more than one item for your search select which item do you want see

After select you should get the result


Gold/Premium price


after that the Koyn sent your message to my own personal server


Translation system
If you are a admin when you invite the bot you can configure the languages of the mensages, to do that you need to type $lang and choose your language
The item search command supports search in any language that albion online supports, that means you can search for the name of the item on your main language doing $p name tier.enchant

list of languages the bot support

  • english
  • deutsche
  • français
  • russian
  • pусский
  • español
  • português
  • 中文(S)
  • 한국어​)​


FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

How do i research the price of an item?

Type $p item tier the "item" should be the name of the item and the "tier" should be the tier.enchant, for example: $p cleric sandals 5.2

Sometimes the graph shows strange values for a item, why does this happen?

This item must be out of date in the Albion Data Client API, if you want help the API be more updated please type $adc and follow the tutorial.

Why the graph show different values from the embed?

The bot uses two different APIs, one to do the price variation (image) and other to collect the most recent prices (embed), this is one of the reasons why sometimes it doesn't contain an image and just an embed in the message, sometimes one of the APIs may be empty

Why sometimes the bot doesn't translate?

This is about the processing capacity of the bot, the bot currently doesn’t use powerful hardware and this can cause the translation fails sometimes, if you want support the project for the project can use more powerful hardware type $patreon

Why sometimes  does not delete the message?

Every reaction by emoji has a maximum time to react, the time may have run out.

Why sometimes the graph doesn't show a variation for a city found?

The graph may have found only one value for the city, and it takes two points to draw a line.

I typed the command to search for an item and the bot returned to me that he dont found anything

You probably typed the name of the item wrong, you can try to type only the first or last name of the item, the name dont have to be complete, but if you believe you are typing correctly and want send us a feedback about it you can send one typing $feedback (type your message here)

What is the advantage of being a VIP?

a Vip can register one item with a price value in our database and tell when he wants the bot notify him by dm when this item is below or above the registered price value, and then the bot will send a dm when the requirements match.

How can i become a VIP?

Only selected people become, maybe you can becoming one for helping too much by sending good feedbacks or contributing with donations or a subscription, type $patreon if you want support the bot financially.


If you want support the project please click on this button Patreon

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