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Mai San is a small but usefull bot with pretty nice commands.






»Mai San is a Bot with a lot of cool Commands. From music commands to a level system or just fun commands.

»With Mai San you can lock and unlock channels, see your stats/serverstats or just search play RussianRoulette with your friend.

»The bot has TONS of fun commands you can use with your friends.

»If you want to listen to music use the "ms!play and listen to music. If you have to pee while listening use "ms!pause". When you are back use "ms!resume" and the music will resume.

»Right now we are working on a level system. We done the xp system and the rank command(just the leaderboard command is missing).

»But maybe you just want to create a countdown or do bets with your friends.

»If you are interestet to the bot stats just try "ms!stats-help" to see a lot of stats commands.

»If you find bugs you can report them with ms!suggestion and the developer team will fix it, when you have a bigger problem or dont know how to use a command then feel free to join our support server..

»We will add more comments in the future to make this bot more awesome

Mai San is a multi functional Bot with a lot of different and useful commands just feel free to try it out and give the bot a chance. Have a wonderful day :).

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