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Covid Statistics Bot Tracks the COVID-19 Cases of the World & the Country which you mention.


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As you'll know, The world is facing an unprecedented challenge with communities and economies everywhere Affected by the growing COVID-19 pandemic. The World is coming together to combat the COVID-19 pandemic bringing Governments, Organizations from across Industries and Sectors and Individuals together to help respond to this Global outbreak. So, Let Us Help WHO Fight COVID-19 By Donating!

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Covid Statistics Bot provides you Information about COVID-19 and helps you in Tracking the COVID-19 Cases of a particular Country or Worldwide Cases.


Try c?help to explore all the amazing commands.
1. c?information - To get Information about COVID-19.
2. c?donate - Help WHO fight COVID-19 by executing this Command.
2. c?world - To track COVID-19 cases of the world.
3. c?covid - To track COVID-19 cases of a Specific Country.
4. c?prevention - To get to know How to Prevent COVID-19.
5. c?symptoms - To get to know all the common and main symptoms of COVID-19.
6. c?setPrefix - To Change the Prefix of the Bot for a Guild.
7. c?stages - To Get to know about 3 Stages of COVID-19.

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