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A multipurpose bot that has: music, moderation, fun and image commands.


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achievement: replies with a minecraft achievement message with the specified text.

(example: o!achievement text)

avatar: replies with the avatar of the author, or the mentioned user.

(example: o!avatar, o!avatar @username)

cat: replies with a cute cat photo :3.

(example: o!cat)

changemymind: replies with a change my mind meme, which contains the specified text.

(example: o!changemymind botbot is the best bot i have ever seen)

clyde: replies with a message, from the bot clyde which contains the specified text.

(example: o!clyde hello)

dog: replies with a cute dog photo :3.

(example: o!dog)

eject: ejects the mentioned user, or the author from the airship.

(example: o!eject, o!eject @username)

meme: replies with a dank meme.

(example: o!meme)

pixelate: pixelates the author's, or the mentioned user's profile picture.

(example: o!pixelate, o!pixelate @username)

pokemon: replies with a photo of the specified pokemon.

(example: o!pokemon pikachu)

tableflip: makes the author, or the mentioned user flip a table.

(example: o!tableflip, o!tableflip @username)

trumptweet: puts the specified text on a trump tweet.

(example: o!trumptweet biden sucks)


invite: replies with the invite of the bot.

(example: o!invite)

website: replies with the website of the bot.

(example: o!website)

vote: replies with the vote link of the bot. upvote the bot if you want to support it :)

(example: o!vote)

uptime: replies with the bot's uptime.

(example: o!uptime)

servercount: replies with the number of the servers and members the bot is watching.

(example: o!servercount)

help: replies with a list of all the help commands.

(example: o!help)

imagehelp: replies with a list of all the image commands.

(example: o!imagehelp)

botinfohelp: replies with a list of all the bot information commands.

(example: o!botinfohelp)

funhelp: replies with a list of all the fun commands.

(example: o!funhelp)

moderationhelp: replies with a list of all the moderation commands.

(example: o!moderationhelp)

serverinfohelp: replies with a list of all the server info commands.

(example: o!serverinfohelp)

musichelp: replies with a list of all the music commands.

(example: o!musichelp)

cpu: replies with the percentage of cpu the bot is using.

(example: o!cpu)

ram: replies with the ram the bot is using in MBs.

(example: o!ram)


chat: a chatbot replies to the specified message (proper grammar is recommended, as the chatbot may not understand bad grammar).

(example: o!chat Hello!)

hack: hack the mentioned user.

(example: o!hack @username)

hug: give the mentioned user a hug.

(example: o!hug @username)

catfact: replies with a cat fact.

(example: o!catfact)

dogfact: replies with a dog fact.

(example: o!dogfact)

joke: replies with a joke.

(example: o!joke)


addrole: adds a role to the mentioned user.

(example: o!addrole @username @role)

ban: bans the mentioned user from the server.

(example: o!ban @username)

kick: kicks the mentioned user.

(example: o!kick @username)

lock: locks the channel the command is typed into.

(example: o!lock)

unlock: unlocks the channel the command is typed into.

(example: o!unlock)

purge: clears the specified number of messages. maximum messages to clear at once is 100 messages as of right now.

(example: o!purge 69)

removerole: removes the mentioned role from the mentioned user.

(example: o!removerole @username @role)

say: sends a text to the specified channel (also says who sent the message). can be used for announcements.

(example: o!say hello #announcements)


play: plays the specified song.

(example: o!play never gonna give you up)

pause: pauses the song that is currently playing.

(example: o!pause)

resume: resumes the song that is currently playing, if paused.

(example: o!resume)

loop: loops the song that is currently playing.

(example: o!loop)

nowplaying: replies with the song that is currently playing.

(example: o!nowplaying)

stop: completely stops a song, meaning that it can't be resumed.

(example: o!stop)

queue: displays the song queue.

(example: o!queue)

clearqueue: clears the song queue.

(example: o!clearqueue)

volume: changes the song's volume.

(example: o!volume 40)


channelid: replies with the channel's id.

(example: o!channelid)

serverid: replies with the server's id.

(example: o!serverid)

serverinfo: replies with some info about the server.

(example: o!serverinfo)



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