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Jumbo is a multi purpose fun bot... use it to have fun with your friends in the same server. It has utility, fun, image,etc. commands.


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This is a fun bot it has a variety of different commands, you can set autoreacts, afk, can see weather forecast for your city, calculate math equations (like:tan60+tan45), play music and much more.


This bot has basically a mixture of commands and it cannot be called a particular type of bot. It combines features from many bots and also many new and original features are being added.

All the commands are divided into 9 types these are:

1. Utility Commands :-

This contains all the utils commands such as autoreact, google, seen, afk, wikipedia, pokedex, animesearch, weather, level, leaderboard, poll, hex and emoji (as u can send animated emojis by typing in the name, this helps in searching the name.). There are level and leaderboard commands as there is levelling system in this bot

2. Admin Commands :-

This contain all admin commands such as purge, prefix, enable, disable, settings(for setting a role for using a particular command), role

3. Fun Commands :-

These are all the commands with which you can have fun with your friends in the server this includes: truth, dare, opinion, roast, gayrate, 8ball, joke, fact

4. Music Commands :-

This contain all the music related commands and stuff such as play, ytsearch, bassboost, pause, resume, etc. You know all that

5. Fight Commands :-

Then there's a fight system. In this you can fight or shoot other members and this will mute them. You can earn points by fighting and training and use them to buy gun or gloves which would increase your winning chances. Commands in this: fight, shoot, train, profile, buy, shop

6. Action Commands :-

Here we are... This contain all action commands such as slap, hug, pat, kick, etc. The bot will send a gif slapping, huugging or kicking the mentioned user. You might wanna try that ;)

7. Info Commands :-

All the commands related to info are here this includes userinfo, roleinfo, snipe, editsnipe, avatar, onlineinfo, Whois and also botinfo

8. Image Commands :-

This contains all the image related stuff not much here but still this has 3 commands wanted, rip, wallpaper. More commands are being added here

9. Calculation Commands :-

Last but not least here are calculation commands with which you can calculate area, volume and factorial. This might help you in exams

These were all the commands.

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