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Discord Message for This Bot : This application has suspicious growth, so we cannot accept your application for verification at this time. In the meantime, we have increased your maximum guild limit to 250 guilds. Please try again in a few weeks after seeing normal, non-advertised growth. --------------------------------------------- If you can not add to your server you will have to wait

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This bot adds a feature named Hubs to your server. Hubs are special channels that are created by members, And they can put stuff like articles, media, tutorials and etc. Your server's value would be too higher because it will have many contents that are presented by members. You can create, delete and hide hub. The bot is also customizable like hub creation message, channel templates and channel category. Create your own hub just with !hub create command. If you already own a hub, You can delete, rename or hide it with !hub delete,!hub renameand!hub hide.The bot also has more amazing features. Just invite it to your server right now! If you are the server admin, You can set the default channel category with !hub category, Also if your server channels have a special template or decoration, Just try !hub template to set it. Try !hub help to see a full list of commands and bot setup guide. This bot is Fully free, No premiuim subscription or Vote required commands.

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