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A multi-purpose discord bot comprising of useful features for entertainment and server management.






Zexal bot comprises of a multitude of features including: - Viewing the weather in a given location - Viewing the definition of a given word - Searching for images on Google with a given keyword(s) - Displaying memes from the r/memes and r/dankmemes subreddit - Viewing the stock price of a given symbol/company - Playing audio from vc using a given keyword(s) or spotify link - Viewing the current time (PT) - Mass deleting messages/spam (admins only) - Etc…

Zexal provides a clean and responsive User Interface along with regular updates with new features. In addition, Zexal has commands to report errors or suggest new features, allowing the developers to patch bugs ASAP.

Come try Zexal out! We hope you will enjoy using our bot.

-Zexal Development Team

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