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Chicken Simulator is a developing Discord bot that somewhat replicates the different aspects of owning chickens.






This bot is still under development, however at this point in time it is able to replicate farming chickens for eggs, and breeding chickens to sell. The farming aspect of the bot gives each user one egg per chicken every five minutes. Users can then sell their eggs in dozens to buy more chickens, food, and water, however if they don’t buy enough food and water their chickens will die. 1 bag of food and 1 bottle of water per chicken are taken away from your inventory every 6 hours, if you have more chickens than you do food or water, they will die and you will lose them. Once a user saves up enough money, they can buy a breeding chicken. These chickens have different features including comb size, colour, and patterns that affect resell price. Breeding different chickens has different odds of each feature, so users must experiment to figure out which sells for the highest price. Future updates to bot will include being able to buy a pet chicken that will grow over time and will require tending to. This will include feeding and watering it, as well as playing with it, cuddling it, and treating any diseases it might get, such as scale. There will also be different breeds and colours of chickens available to buy, which wouldn’t affect the contest, only how your chicken is viewed. Another future feature would be the ability to have your pet chicken compete in tournaments in order to win you cash prizes. Its different features will increase the likely hood that it will win the contest, although you will be without your pet chicken for a while. This bot is still under development, and more features are constantly being added and updated. Any support from the community will help to speed up this process. I hope you enjoy using it!

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