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A memey bot that loves to say E.



Important Announcement

Unfortunately, E A is in the maximum of 100 servers. Me, the bot dev, can't be bothered to get it verified as it required ID verification, which is stupid considering you're just applying for bot verification. Join our support server if you want to have the E A experience in your own server, as we have multiple bots in case some are locked down to a maximum of 100 servers. Happy meming!


E A is a weird but funny bot with all sorts of commands.

From welcoming messages to a free water bottle, we have all the best meme-packed commands for you! Commands added regularly, so you'll always have a good laugh when using the bot.

Our bot is so big that it has help menus! Use the commands 'e!help' and 'e!help2' to see them! Be sure to join the support server if you need any further assistance with the bot!
Happy meming!

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