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Rabbit bot 🐰🤖 - Command $ Worked : Music , mod , econome , funny, levels ,,,,,,,,,




!                     *HaaaMa*

! *HaaaMa*

</>INFO_COMMAND</> ••••••••••••••••⚒•••••••

$mod ・To chek full command MODERATION


$music ・to chek full command MUSIC


$econome ・to chek full command ECONOME


$mem . to chek full command Memes


$report . to report bot to any criticism

</>MODERATION,COMMAND</> •••••••⚒•••••••

$ban @user Bans a member from the Server

$mute @user Mutes a user in the server

$unmute @user Unmute a user in the server

$afk Set’s an AFK message for a user.

$kick @user Kicks a user from the server

$say meesage Broadcast a meesage in the channle

$addrole @user (name role) Adds a role to a user

$removerole @user (name role) Removes a role from a user

$clear(c)[number] Delete a number of messages in a channel

$inv To get linke bot

</>MUSIC,COMMAND</> ••••••••••••••••⚒•••••••

Music Command

$play Plays music from YouTube. Edit

$skip Skips the current song

$stop Stops the music bot and clears the queue.

$start Resumes a paused song.

$pause Pauses the current song.

$np Displays the currently playing song.

$queue Displays the current song queue to the channel.

volume $vol

</>ECONOME,COMMAND</> ••••••••••••••••⚒•••••••

$daily Claims your daily bonus.

$cash Displays the currency balance of a user.

$rank Displays the server leader board.

$send @user Gives money to a user from your balance.


econome Game 🎮

$sm Test your luck against the slot machine.

POINT'S PER MESSAGE 1 message 1 point

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