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Command info

q/help- Lists all commands and how to use them.

q/live- Plays live audio either from Makkah or online Qur'an radio.

q/mushaf - Browse Quran pages.

q/pause - Pauses the bot.

q/play- Plays a surah, ayah or page from the mushaf in a voice channel.

q/prayertimes - Gets prayer times for a specified location.

q/reciters - Sends the lists of reciters for q!play.

q/resume - Resumes the bot.

q/stop - Disconnects the bot from voice chat.

q/volume - Changes the volume of the bot.

q/user - Display the information for a specific member.

q/server - Display the information for a specific server.

q/ping - Ping the latency of the API.

q/embed - ebmed add text bot.

q/lock - Locked channel.

q/unlock - Unlocked channel.

q/lockdown - Locked all channels server.

q/clear - Clear Text channels.

q/vote - To get vote link of our bot , please vote us.

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