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A dice rolling robot made for D&D 5e and other dice based tabletop RPGs.



Raleigh is a Discord bot that makes playing D&D or other RPGs more convenient.

The main command used with Raleigh is the $roll command that offers a lot of versatility. You can quickly roll a d20 by leaving the command as is, specify the number of dice and sides to be rolled (ex. $roll 4d6), and even add modifiers to the total (ex. $roll 4d6 +5, -3, *2, /2)

There are also a few D&D 5e specific commands like rolling ability scores using the $character command and consuming healing potions using the $potion command along with the name of the potion (ex. $potion healing)

A few utility commands include $calculate for doing some quick math during a session (ex. $calculate (10+3) / 5), flip a coin using the $flip command, and even keep dice rolls secret by adding the secret tag to a $roll command (ex. $roll 4d6 +5 secret)

If you are using the bot for the first time or need a reminder of what commands are available, use the $help command

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