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A fun multipurpose Discord Bot with over 100+ cmds including moderation, Utility & Fun cmds.


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The bot has reached 100 servers so users will no longer be able to invite the bot to their servers… I am working on verifying the bot as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience amd thank you all for the support in reaching 100 servers!!!



A Brief Look: Star Bot is a Multipurpose Discord Bot with over 100+ different variety of bot commands aimed at providing a host of features to the users like managing discord server with its Powerful MODERATION system or providing UTILITY commands for other bots like Dank Memer or Fun & community-centered commands for the users to interact with!

Features: Star Bot has a wide range of over 100+ commands including moderation, utility, & fun categories. Some features are listed below:

  1. MODERATION Features:
  • Ban /Unban /Tempban /Kick take action against troublemakers!
  • Mute /Unmute /Tempmute
  • Warn /Clearwarn /warns
  • Lock /Unlock /Slow mode /Purge for moderating chat channels.
  • Role commands to manage roles in your server.
  • Modrole Setup & permissions for better security.
  • Advanced Logging system for enhanced security in the server.
  1. UTILITY Features:
  • User commands- user info /status /device /avatar /covid stats for information.
  • Giveaway & Heist donation Cmds for Dank Memer & other types of Giveaways.
  • A lot of Config / Setting Commands for your server to fully customize Who can use what features.
  • Suggestion System & polls to better interact with your members.
  • Misc Commands like math calculation/ Memes /AFK status & more.
  1. FUN Features:
  • Roast /joke ship & other API - based commands for Fun Activity between server members.
  • Advanced Chat Bot System with a good API.
  • Welcome System to give new members a Warm Welcome.
  • Customisable Leveling System for members to grind for and stay active.
  • Games like Rock-Paper-Scissors & Guess-The-Number to have fun.
  • More Economy commands to be added to help grow the community built around this bot.

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