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A one-of-a-kind image manipulation bot with advanced commands for meme-making and more!






Meet Vizz

Vizz isn't like the other bots. It's a drawing bot. Sure, some bots have a few drawing commands but Vizz is centered around them. With powerful features to make masterpieces and memes, here are just a few things vizz can do:

  • Image Manipulation
    • Caption gifs and images
    • Add wacky effects such as deep fry
    • ...or just start from scratch and add your own shapes
  • Meme making capabilities
    • Make your own high-quality memes right in Discord!
    • Favorite other people's and your memes to cherish for a lifetime...
  • Avatar Commands - Play around and mess with other people's profile pictures.
  • Utility
    • QR Code decode and encode
    • Color details and mixing
Vizz can do so much more; so go invite it to your server now and see how awesome it is.

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