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Multi service bot, with Text to voice(in VC) + Talk Strangers powered by #MeetTreat, right from your VC! + Fun activity commands. [24/7]


tts cmd: "say" other: "+"
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MeetTreat - Happy Meeting!

Added: Talk to strangers mod. 💢Find new friends over discord. 💢Talk with them live using voice services. ❣Happy Meeting new friends!❣ [Get Started: use command `+MeetTreat` to get information about usage and other cmds.]


About Bot:

🏷Multipurpose bot for FUN & UTILITY.

📎 Can convert your text messages in Voice output in the VC you're connected into.

📎 Have voice conversations with strangers around global servers randomly marched by the bot.

📎 Have fun with functional FUN commands and make your time awesome.

📎 Generate images of food items and memes in meantime and have fun.


Special Voice Command:

🏷Text to Voice : [say] (no prefix required)

-{Convert your text into voice note, which the bot will speak aloud in the voice channel.}


say hello

say how's the day

say are you winning son?

📝Read bot activity for more examples!

what size is my monitor


Prefix = "+"

🏷MeetTreat : [MeetTreat]

-{Meet strangers and have conversation with them in voice channel, one to one secure conversation tunnle!}

📎 Commands: [MeetTreat,find]


S1: Connect to VC.

S2: Give command [+find], the bot will start finding a match for you.

S3: You'll be soon connected with a stranger.

S4: After conversation to end the call just disconnected yourself from VC.



🏷Fun & Utility: [meme,meme ind, toss, food, foodporn]

-{Have fun in meantime, get some laughter for your health and keep yourself smiling "your happiness matters to us" 😀}

🏷Misc Commands: [help,info,ping,say]

-{To check information regarding bot and for invitation link}

💢Any Doubts?💢: Join support server,ASAP! [+help]

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