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A cool bot that can do many things such as, embeds, purge, and have many other stuff. Note: I will be updating the bot every now and then, might do music and modmail one day. But for updates on the bot, just join the support server, will be updating every now and then! Anyway, please do enjoy the bot. Use commands responsibly. Commands: Shows this help message & sends you the message Gives feedback c.ban: Bans a user c.unban: Unbans a user c.kick: Kicks a user Tbh i dont even know c.say: Repeats what you say c.say2: Says something but better c.embed: Embeds a message. c.invite: Sends invite links c.shutdown: Shuts the bot down (only accessible by owner) c.clean: Purges a number of messages (only accessible by people with admin perm.)

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