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It's a Simple Meme And Utility Fun Bot Made With Discord API Wrapper Discord.js. To Entertain You





raddemoji <emoji_name>: This Will Add The Emoji Given Into The Server

rcorona: [rcorona all, rcorona state <name_of_state>, rcorona <name_of_country] It Gives Latest Stats Of CoronaVirus.

rdlemoji <emoji_name>: This Will Delete The Given Emoji From The Server

rdictionary : This Will Give The Meaning Of Any Language Word Meaning In A Funny Way From Urban Dictionary.

renlarge <emoji_name>: This Will Enlarge The Given Emoji


ranime <anime_name>: Gives Information About Anime Movie/Series.

rascii : It Will Convert Text Into Ascii Style.

rcuterate : Sends User's Cuterate.

rdumbrate : Sends User's Dumbrate.

rgayrate : Sends User's Gayrate.

rsimprate : Sends User's Simprate.

rsmartrate : Sends User's Smartrate.

rgithub : Sends Account Information Of The Given Github User.

rmath : Calculates Given Arithmatic Equations And Give Results.

rmeme: Sends Random Meme From Reddit Top Meme Pages.

rmovie <name_of_movie>: Sends Information Of The Movie Name Given.

rpokemon <name_of_pokemon>: Sends Information Of The Pokemon Given.

rsnipe: Sends The Most Recent Deleted Message In The Guild.

rtweet <message_to_be_tweeted>: Generates Fake Twitter Post Page With The Message Given.

rtrumptweet <message_to_be_tweeted>: Generates Fake Twitter Post Page Of Donald Trump With The Message Given.

Bot's Orgy:

rbotinfo: Gives All Information Of The Bot.

rprivacy: Gives Privacy Policy Of The Bot

rfeedback <no of stars between 1-5> : It Will Give Feedback Of Users, Or User Can Report Any Bug Using This Command.

rhelp: It Will Shows The Help Log Of The Bot With All Commands Present.

rinvite: To Invite The Bot Into The Server And Our Support/Community Server Of Bot's Link.

rping: To Know The Latency Of The Bot.

rserverinfo: Know The Information Of The Server Where The Command Has Been Sent.

ruptime: Know The Uptime Of Bot.

rupdate: Know The Current And Upcoming Version Of Bot

The Reddit Memer Is Truly Safe Bot And The User's Data Is Safe Under The Owner Only. If Any user have any questions or security issues they can read our privacy policy and if any further doubt, contact us in our support server.

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