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A simple reCAPTCHA v2 verification bot, stopping bots and raiders dead in there tracks.






"A simple reCAPTCHA v2 verification bot, stopping bots, raiders and ban evaders dead in there tracks."

Helps you keep your server secure by asking everyone to complete a capchta before they can talk in the server, it also comes complete with proxy detection, making it harder to circumvent bans.

When users join they will be sent a link to verify, once completed they will recieve the role of your choice. It can be called anything you want it just needs the role ID.

The bot requires the MANAGE_ROLES permission needs to be able to see and send messages in your verification channel.


  • !verify - Forces verification
  • !setup - Allows you to configure your settings
  • !help - See all commands and use syntax
  • !config - View your current configuration

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