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Happy Vibes Bot

With this bot added to your server, you can boost the happiness by a lot, as if this bot hears a sad word, it'll reply with a nice quote <3



This bot scans messages for sad words and replies with a random quote from a preset pool. There are some more commands, which are: hv!inspire - Pulls an inspirational quote from an API hv!help - Shows all commands hv!suicide - Pulls up where you can get in touch with perfessionals of Suicide Prevention. hv!support - Brings the support server invite. hv!invite - Brings the invite link for the bot. hv!sadwords - If you're interested in what words trigger it, then this command will show. hv!suggestion - Brings who to DM if you want to make a suggestion for the bot. hv!meme - Brings up a random meme from r/memes

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