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A multi-purpose bot ready to skill up and boost up your Discord server. Also features moderation, points, music, fun and much more!


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Bastet Discord Bot

The Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet was worshipped for thousands of years. Bastet has now returned but as a Discord Bot who's wisdom is constantly expanding. She comes packaged with a variety of commands and a multitude of settings that can be tailored to your server's specific needs.You can invite her to your Discord server using this link! Also, you can join the Official Bastet Support Server for all questions, suggestions, and assistance!

Newest Features

  • Music: A verity of ways to take control of the party in your server with commands like play, queue, skip, volume, loop, shuffle, and pause to make your Discord Server poppin.


200+ commands and counting across 9 different categories!

Default Prefix: b!

  • Administration: A huge amount of settings to customize with commands like setprefix, setwelcomemessage, and setverificationrole.
  • Moderation: Commands such as kick, ban, warn, and mute to assist your moderator staff.
  • Fun & Games: Tons of fun commands like trivia, meme, emojify, and a variety of animal pic & fact commands like cat, catfacts, dog, and fox.
  • Information: Commands like userinfo and serverinfo for general utility.
  • Points: A unique points system with a rotating winner that has commands like leaderboard, givepoints, and crown.
  • Color: Change your Discord color with commands like color, createcolor and randomcolor.
  • Miscellaneous: All other commands like feedback and bugreport.

Bastet also comes packed with a variety of features, such as:

  • Auto role assignment.
  • Server verification via reactions.
  • Welcome messages and farewell messages.
  • Logging for mod commands and various events.
  • Moderator only channels.
  • A starboard.
  • Auto kicking when a warn limit is reached.
  • Auto random colors when members join.
  • Per command disabling.
  • And much more! There are over 30+ settings to tweak!

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