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It helps you manage your anime and manga life with features like Roleplay commands, anime-list, manga-list, search and suggestions commands.






Use ?ahelp to get info about the bot.

Anime-life is a discord bot that helps you manage your anime or manga life. With lots of Roleplay commands, manga-list, anime-list, search any anime and manga you want from database or wiki it’s your choice.

Create your own awesome Anime-list & Manga-list. So that you can keep track of

What you are watching and reading?, What you will watch and read?, What you have already watched and read?

And apart from these, there are many search features in the bot that will help you become more optimized and also a lot of suggestions as per genre for both anime and manga.

With 20000+ animes in the database and much more.

With anime recommendations commands organized according to the genre to help you improve your anime collection.

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