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A dice roller for the Wrath and Glory RPG system by Cubicle7, set in the Warhammer 40K universe.


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WrathBot is a simple dice roller, specifically made for use with the Wrath and Glory RPG system.

Use !roll 6 command to roll your dice. Then, if you want to spend a point of Wrath to reroll.

Just use !reroll and WrathBot will take care of the rest.

Then if you hit with your attack, you can use !roll 10+3 to roll for damage.

Finally you might want to find out the effect of a Critical Hit, Complication, Traumatic Injury, Memorable Injury or Perils of the Warp. Use !critical, !complication, !traumatic, !memorable or !perils for this.

And then after the adventure is done sme events might happen. Use !events to generate one.

Rolling dice

The simplest way to roll dice is to use !roll N This will roll N number of dice, with one of these being a Wrath die.

Use dnX or dn X somewhere in the roll command to set the DN of your Test.

Add soak or exempt somewhere in your roll command to not roll any Wrath Dice.

If glory is found. The last roll will be retrieved and additional dice will be added to that roll if possible.

The number of dice can come either before or after the word, 1 is used if no dice number is provided. Glory dice use the same arguments as the roll they're linked to.

You can also use !r


Some examples are listed below

  • !roll 8 - Roll eight dice, with one Wrath die
  • !roll soak 6 - Soak six damage
  • !roll 10+5b - Roll damage for a Chainsword
  • !roll 16+1m - Roll damage for an Inferno Pistol at short range
  • !roll 16+3M - Roll damage for a Multi-Melta at short range against a vehicle
  • !roll 10 dn8 - Attempt a DN 8 test with an attribute of 10
  • !roll 8w3 - Roll a Tier 3 Transcendent Psychic Test
  • !roll d66 - Roll one d66
  • !roll 10+d66 - Roll one d66 and add 10 to the result
  • !roll 3 glory - Roll 3 additional dice as if you spent three glory

Rerolling Dice

You can reroll the last roll you made using !reroll. All Misses will be rerolled. Any Wrath Dice will not be rerolled.

You can also use !rr

Rolling on tables

There are four kinds of tables you can roll on. These are Critical Hits, Complications, Traumatic Injuries, Memorable Injuries and Perils of the Warp.

You can add a base number to the command in order to increase or decrease the result.


  • !critical - Roll for the effect of a Critical Hit.
  • !complication - Roll for a complication.
  • !traumatic - Find out what body part you're losing this time.
  • !memorable - Find out your new scars.
  • !critical 10 - Roll on the Critical Hit table with a +10 modifier
  • !perils 10 - Roll on the Perils of the Warp table
  • !events - Roll on the Downtime Events table


It's possible to track some values during your scenes.


Trackers can be used to store values about your character or the current scene. To set the default values !scene start can be used.

This will set some trackers to their default values. These values can be changed by using !default

  • Ammo: 3
  • Faith: None
  • Wrath: 2

The currently available trackers are:

  • Ammo - Linked to User and Channel
  • Corruption - Linked to User and Channel
  • Faith - Linked to User and Channel
  • Glory - Linked to Channel
  • Ruin - Linked to Channel
  • Shock - Linked to User and Channel
  • Wealth - Linked to User and Channel
  • Wounds - Linked to User and Channel
  • Wrath - Linked to User and Channel

You can also use: !s


  • !scene - Get all trackers that have a value.
  • !scene faith - Get your current Faith points
  • !scene glory + - Add 1 Glory to the channel
  • !scene wrath + 3 - Give yourself three additional Wrath
  • !scene ammo = 3 - Set your ammo to 3
  • !scene ruin -1 - Lower Ruin by 1
  • !scene reset all - Reset all your trackers and all channel wide trackers to 0.


To set your own custom defaults for !scene start the !default command is available.

Its usage is similar to !scene

Simply use !default TRACKER NUMBER to set your defaults. Where TRACKER is one of the available trackers and NUMBER the value that it should be at the start of a scene. Omitting a number will remove that tracker when !scene start is called.


  • !default - Show your defaults
  • !default faith - Remove Faith when `!scene start is called
  • !default faith 3 - Make the default for Faith equal to 3
  • !default reset - Remove all your defaults


Creating a party makes it easy to start a scene for all players. Each player can join by using !party join and leave by using !party leave.

Use !party reset to remove all players from the party.

If a party is available the call to !scene start will setup default values for all members in the party.


The prefix is configurable. By default WrathBot reacts when mentioned or if it's prefix is used.

The prefix can be changed by an Administrator by using !prefix PREFIX.

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