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A bot with fun commands and a meme command!



This bot is just for fun.

To Check The bot respond time type !ping

To flip the coin and choose heads type !flipheads

To flip the coin and choose tails type !fliptails

To make the bot post a meme type !meme

To check the bot info and creator type !info

To check the bots commands type !helpme

To check all mod commands (you need mod or admin role for it to work) type !modhelp

i wont show the mod commands here, just use the modhelp command if you are mod or admin to check them.

Special Event:To play dice game type !rolldice and try to get the secret number which has 1/382 chance to appear if you do get it dm that number to the creator so you can win the event.

I will be adding more commands soon like, !wallet command and money system, You will be pinged in #announcements when i add this command and for other commands and announcements!😉

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