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Make your server active and attractive with athix. Global chat, Level reward role, Chat reviver, Mini game, Event, Yt Notifier, Utility, Etc


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Twitter notifier is out!

Make the bot notify whenever you/your favorite twitter profile uploads a new tweet! You can have different role, custom msg and channel for different twitifier. Non-premium can set upto 3 twitifiers while premium can set upto 9.


Special Features

All special features of athix are listed here

Global Chat

Setup a global chat in your server to talk to people from other servers and keep your server alive!

Chat Reviver

Setup a reviver to keep your chat active!

Category rich trivia game

Play multiple choice trivia game with option to choose between 10 different categories of your interest! Including anime quiz trivia.

Tip System

A system which drops tips after particular amount of messages which can be set by you!

Banner generator

Have one of the best banner generator where you can choose between 8 fonts to apply in your banner.

Points System

Keep a custom server currency for your server which can optionally be given on every level up by me.

Qotd System

Have a qotd system to drop qotd everyday.

Leveling Roles

Award the users with some cool roles when they reach a particular level!

Many more!

Event Builders

Features which will surely help you to host events in your server!

Guess The Number

Host a guess the number event in your server which will be monitered by athix!

Last Letter Event

Host a last letter event in your server where people have to send out meaningful words which are starting from the last letter of the previous word.


More than 8 unique mini-games to keep your server members entertained.


User Purge

Clears all the messages of a particular user. This command can only be used by the server owner.

Contains all other basic moderation commands but there's a new feature of optional DM informing the person who is being banned/kicked.



Topic comes with Modified topic supply which makes sure that no topics are repeated in a server till long time.

One of the best features to keep your chat active and ongoing.

Much More Is There!

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