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A bot whos allows you to use over commands 54(Future more)


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I Will add more commands in the future! All Bot commands

All *ban - Ban someone *help - Give all commands

Information *dnd - set bot status to DND *announcement - Give a announement! *bird - bird image and fact *botinfo - bot info *cat - Cat image and fact *clear - Clear messages *website - website *corona - get corona info *counting - countingsetup *dog - Dog image and fact *hallo - Say Hallo *insta - Get insta Info *invite - Invite ME *koala - Koala image and fact *leave - Leave Bot *members - All Members *pauze - Pauze our music *ping - Ping me *play - Play Music *queue - Queue *resume - resume music *review - Give a review *roles - Say Hallo *search - search music *skip - skip Music *suggest - Suggest something *coffee - Give me A Cup of Coffee *volume - set volume *weather - get current weather

Fun *sps - play rock paper scissors *avatar - Shows your avatar *football - football match which you can't win *giveaway - give a Giveaway *tictactoe - Speel tic tac toe

BladSteenSchaar DND Koppel TEST TTTTTT VOTE allguildsend announcement avatar ban bird botinfo cat clear contact corona coutingsetup dog football giveaway halloo help insta invitee joke kick koala leave leden meme pauze ping play prefix queue resume review roles say search serverinfo skip suggest support tempMute ticket ticketClose tictactoe tictactoee vlaflips volume warn weather

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