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TheFunQuestionBot is a bot that displays a Question of the Day and hourly questions (hourly questions will be coming soon!)




Welcome to TheFunQuestionBot! This bot will post QOTDs (Questions of the day) and later there will be QOTHs (Questions of the hour) on command! You can even submit your own QOTDs!

If you need help, please join our support server!

Command Features

What you can do:

-Get QOTDs on command

-Give the bot a cookie 🍪

-Ping, pong!

-Help support me and the bot by donating!

Please note: If there is any bugs experienced whatsoever please join our support server and go to the channel called: #bugs

Possible Project

Will start the Spanish Commands project later, most likely the project will start in Mid to Late May

Status Page

If our bot is offline please check out our status page:


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