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Funny commands, moderation commands, full information commands and much more!



You can also ping Biohazard in a channel for the prefix and the commands!

Moderation commands

b!ban (user) (reason) - Ban someone

b!kick (user) (reason) - Kick someone

b!warn (user) (reason) - Warn someone

b!warnings (user) - See all the warn(s) of a user

b!clear (number) - Clear a number of message(s) (max 99)

Support commands

b!support - The support server

b!creator - The creator of the bot and the server

b!social - The social networks of EKD

b!goal - the goal of Biohazard

b!twitter - The twitter of Evil King Development (EKD)

b!website - The official website of Biohazard

Information commands

b!server - Full server information

b!members - The numbers of member(s)

b!badge - The badge list (information)

b!servericon - The server icon

b!icon - Your icon

b!owner - The owner of the server

Funny commands

b!king - The king of the server

b!me - Who are you ?

b!tableflip - Flip the table

b!unflip - Unflip the table

b!say (message) - make the bot say what you want

b!translate (language) (message) - Translate a message

b!top - Top 10 of most cool bot

b!memeslist - The memes list to create a memes

b!creatememe (#id) text1, text2 - Create a memes

b!rickroll - You have been rick rolled

b!ok - Just ok

b!bruh - Just bruh

Other commands

b!ping - The ping of the server and bot

b!twitch (twitch channel) - Search a twitch channel

b!suggest (suggestion) - Suggest something

b!invite - The invite to add Biohazard on server(s)

b!tos - Follow discord ToS

b!premium - Want to have Biohazard premium ?

b!about - about Biohazard

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