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A lightweight and easy to use CsGo Case opening bot. Clean, plug and play!






Casey is a free and easy to use CSGO-Case opening simulator/game bot.

It features the cases from the original game and even more fictional cases for you to open and have fun with. (currently 11 cases, more will be added soon)

How to use Casey:

First use the command cscases to see a list of all the cases. Then use the prefix cs + case-name to open a case. Ex: csdangerzone You can also use the alias to open a case. --> Ex: csc1 will open a dangerzone case.


Q: "Is Casey easy to set up?" A: "Yes it is literally plug and play"

Q: "Will there be more cases added to the bot?" A: "Yes there will be all the cases from the game and even more!!"

Q: "Will there be a Premium version of the bot and what features will it have?" A: "Yes, but the free version will still feature the same cases like the premium version. Premium will have an economy system and an inventory system and some other minor features."

Q: "Why doesnt the free version have an economy system and an inventory system?" A: "In order for the bot to have such features it has to have a database, the money from the premium subscription will be used to pay for the database and hosting"

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