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-credits show your credits -daily take yoy daily prize -trans transfore credits -profile show you probot profile -rank show your rank card -top show the leaderboard -user show user info -server show server info -avatar show you avatar -roll random num -color chose a color -ping show the bot ping -invite invite the bot -bot bot status -dev bot developer info -new create a ticket -close close a ticket -addemoji add emoji with emoji link

-admin -ban bannd members -unban unbannd members -kick kick members -mute mute members -unmute unmute members -lock lock text channels -unlock unlock text channels -hide hide text channels -show show text channels -clear clear the chat -say repeat your text -emsay repeat yor text in embed -role gives roles -warn warn members -auto add auto respoce -createcolors to make color roles

-music -play play music -search search music -skip skip music -stop stop music -volume Change music volume -nowplaying what is playing now -queue view the queue -pause pause music -resume resume music -loop repeat music

-games -fkk fkk game -fast fast game -translation translation game -sara7a sara7a game -frots frots game -8ball 8ball game -cut cut twwet game -flag flag game -emoji emoji game -brand brand game -capitals capitals game -rps rps game -xo xo game -puzzle puzzle game -math math game

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