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Application bot with custom questions & more.


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The bot is now verified meaning we can have more than 100 servers. Apologizes about the wait.


Taking over from Defected's bot as he is no longer maintaining it, original bot can be found here:

Simple yet powerful application bot for your servers. Features

Customizable questions (add & delete). Selectable application & application log channels. Customizable reviewer role. Option to give a role after accepting an user.

Command Description

Command Example Description
<apply <apply Start an application.
<applications (user) <applications @FBI Show all applications of an user.
<accept (user) (note) <accept @FBI Welcome to our community. Accept an application. (note) is optional.
<reject (user) (note) <reject @FBI You aren't meeting our requirements. Reject an application (Note) is optional.
<questions <questions Show application questions.
<addq (question) <addq What is your name? Add a question.
<delq (question) <delq What is your name? Delete a question.
<appchannel (channel) <appchannel #applications Set a channel where users apply (type none to use any).
<logchannel (channel) <logchannel #app-log Set a channel where applications are sent (type none to use any).
<reviewer (role) <reviewer @Manager Set application reviewer role (type none to allow only admins).
<clearchannel (yes/no) <clearchannel yes Clean up application channel automatically.
<applimit (num) <applimit 5 <applimit none Set how many times users can apply.
<resetlimit (user) <resetlimit @FBI Reset application limit of a user.
<prefix (prefix) <prefix ! Set a new prefix.
<invite <invite Shows invite link for the bot.
<support <support Shows support server invite link.

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