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A nerdy multi-purpose discord bot! The perfect bot for a nerdy community server.






NerdBot - The perfect nerdy utillity bot!

Looking for the right bot to power your nerdy discord community? Nerdbot is a multi-purpose discord bot with fun math, programming, image-manipulation and voice commands, perfect for any nerdy community server.

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Highlighted Commands

Below is a list of highlighted commands and example usage.

Commands Description Example usage
plot Plots a mathematical expression using matplotlib. nerdbot plot x^2+y
calculate Yep, what's a nerdy bot without a calculator? nerdbot calculate 69^69
play Plays a song in voice chat, by youtube url or search keyword. nerdbot play whitechapel
search Searches for youtube videos matching search keyword. nerdbot search whitechapel
palette Generates a colour palette from an attached image. nerdbot palette [image]
html_to_img Renders HTML from text, .html file or url, and returns as a png. nerdbot html_to_img <p> Hello World </p>
embed Sends an embedded message with option to set title and colour. nerdbot embed Happy birthday!
img_to_colour Calculates a random or the mean colour value of an attatched image. nerdbot img_to_colour -m [image]



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