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Hu Tao is a Genshin Impact discord bot, mainly focused on utility and user experience






Hu Tao is a Genshin Impact discord bot, mainly focused on utility by supporting fuzzy search on most commands.


The bot command prefix is ht!. Help for a specific command can be retrieved via ht!help <command>.

Every reply to commands will include an ❌ reaction, users can click this reaction to remove the bot post. This allows users to clean up in case something wasn't relevant to the conversation/reduce spam.

To improve usability, most commands that search stuff are fuzzy search. This means you can make a typo, or shorten the heck out of their names. (As of time of writing, glad matches Gladiator's Finale, CW matches Crimson Witch of Flames, amus matches Amos' Bow)


  • ht!character: Displays a list of all characters.
    • This command supports filtering such as element type (like ht!c -pyro), weapon type (like ht!c -polearm) and/or stars (like ht!c -5*). Example
  • ht!character <name>: Displays character information, such as basic data / meta data / ascensions + stats / talent costs / talents / passives / constellations / art.
    • See links for examples, reactions will correspond to directly skipping to that section. These can also be triggered directly via the command like ht!c Hu Tao -art.
    • Search is fuzzy, meaning ht!c HT should match Hu Tao as long as there's no other character being introduced that becomes a closer match.

See ht!help character for more information.

  • ht!charstats <name> [level] A[ascension]: Displays character stats at a certain level/ascension.
    • Without giving level/ascension: ht!cs Hu Tao picture
    • With level: ht!cs Hu Tao 80 picture
    • With ascension: ht!cs Hu Tao A6 picture
    • Search is also fuzzy, just like ht!character.
  • ht!charlevel <current level> [current level experience] [target level]: Display experience (also in terms of experience books and 1★ weapons with minimal XP needed to farm) and mora required to level to a target level. Examples.
    • If no current experience is specified, 0 will be assumed.
    • If target level is not specified, both next ascension and max level (currently lv. 90) will be shown.
  • ht!books: Displays a list of Talent Book availability per day


See ht!help weapon for more information.




  • ht!reminders: List your current reminders. Example of list - Example of a reminder
  • ht!addreminder <name> in <duration>: Adds a reminder
    • Sometimes, the duration can be derrived from the name. For example, running ht!ar Parametric will create a reminder about the Parametric Transformer in 6 days and 22 hours (reset time for that gadget). ht!ar Ores will create one in 3 days and ht!ar Liyue Specialties creates one for in 2 days.
    • <duration> needs to be something like <amount> <unit>, joined by pretty much anything spaces/commas/"and"/etc. Units can be abbreviated (m works for minutes, d for days, etc). Also supports resin as a unit of time. For example: ht!ar Elite Boss in 36 resin
  • ht!delreminder <id>: Deletes a reminder
  • ht!time: Check current server times as well as time until next daily/weekly reset.
  • ht!resin <current resin> [time until next resin in mm:ss]: Check how long until your resin refills.
    • Example with just amount: ht!resin 13 picture
    • Example with time until next resin: ht!resin 77 7:15 picture
  • ht!abyss [cycle: yyyy-mm-1/yyyy-mm-2] [floor]: Displays current abyss buff and floors.
    • When a floor is provided, the embed will either just list that floor (for Corridor floors) or skip to it in the embed (for Moon Spire floors).
    • Old floors/buffs can be accessed by providing the cycle, like: ht!abyss 2020-11-2

Required Permissions

Please make sure the bot has these permissions inside the channels you want to use the bot.

  • Send/Receive Messages: Needed to actually receive and respond to commands.
  • Manage Messages: Used to delete reactions of others after clicking them, improves user experience by making it easier to click on it again.
  • Attach Files / Embed Links: Used to send embeds, as well as display forum posts.
  • Add Reactions: Used to add reactions on own messages that users can click on.
  • Use External Emoji: Used in character/weapon menu to indicate mora/items/element/weapon type/...

TIP: You can check if these permissions are given with ht!help. In case one is missing, it'll be shown in a bold NOTE at the end of the message.

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