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Oxy's prefix is "#" Oxy is a discord bot with a wide range of commands. Use the #help command to get started! Let's start with the moderation commands first!

Moderation : kick, ban, tempban, unban, warn, warnings, clear warns, mute, unmute.

Fun : meme, snipe, avatar, 8ball, roll a dice, coinflip, tictactoe, place(used while playing tictactoe), end(used while playing tictactoe), Akinator, gay, wanted, abandon, rip, trash, slap.

Utilities : lock channel, unlock channel, nickname, purge, slowmode, avatar, bug, suggest, reactionrole, apply, afk, poll, create emoji, delete emoji.

Informative Commands : covid, serverinfo, ping, invite oxy, support, whois, weather, wiki, terms and conditions(usage - #tnc or #t&c)

Music : play, pause, resume, skip, leave, current, queue, volume, summon, join, lyrics, shuffle, remove

Invite Oxy today using this link : https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=827107051191926784&permissions=8&scope=bot ,

Visit Oxy's website : https://oxyy.me

and don't forget to join the support server : https://discord.gg/5xUW6ZRN

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