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Mitsu is a Discord.JS bot made to satisfy all your needs


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Mitsu is a bot built on Discord.JS to satisfy all your needs. We have various categories such as : Moderation, Info, Fun, Music, Economy

Here is list of available commands in our bot and their usage :


?meme - Gives you a random meme

?joke - Gives you a random joke

?advice - Gives you a random advice

?abandon (text) - Gives you a abandon image with your text

?bed @user - Gives you a image of you calling the mentioned user a monster in bed.

?clyde (message) - Make clyde say anything

?changemymind (message) - Gives you a change my mind image with your text

?door - Gives you a door image with your pfp, Mentioning another user will return their pfp

?youtube (text) - Gives you a image of a youtube comment with your text, pfp, name. Mentioning another user will give their pfp, name, and you write the text.

?note (text) - Gives you a note image with your text.

?akinator - Play a akinator game


?anime (anime name) - Gives you info about a anime

?coronavirus (country name) - Gives you info about coronavirus cases in a country, specifying no country gives global cases.

?ping - Shows the ms of bot

?help - Shows all the available commands on the bot

?userinfo @user - Shows info about a user, mentioning no user will return your own info.

?weather (city name) - Shows weather of a city

?pokemon (pokemon name) - Gives info about a pokemon


?daily - Claim your daily Mitsu Coins

?work - Work to get Mitsu Coins

?deposit (amount) or all - Deposit your Mitsu Coins in your bank

?withdraw (amount) or all - Withdraw your Mitsu Coins

?balance - Check your balance

?shop - See the item we sell

?inventory - See how many item, which item you have

?buy (item name) - Buy a item from the shop

?rob - Do a robbery

?votereward - Get reward for voting the bot


?play (song name) - Play a specified song

?pause - Pause the currently playing song

?resume - Resume the paused song

?skip - Skip a song

?stop - Stop the music

?queue - See what songs you have in the queue


?kick @user - Kicks mentioned user (Bots not allowed)

?ban @user - Bans mentioned user (Bots not allowed)

?warn @user (reason) - Warns mentioned user

?warnings @user - Shows how much warnings a user have

?resetwarns @user - Resets all the warnings of a user

?prefix (desired prefix) - Set your own custom prefix.

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