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a bot then me and my friends made



a simple bot with various commands including o moderation

!help Displays all the commands of the server !ban Bans a User from the Server !mute Mutes a user in the server !unmute Unmutes a user in the server !afk Sets an AFK message for a user !warn Warns a user !warnings Displays all the past warnings of a user !clearwarnings Clears all the warnings of a user !status Change the status or presence of the bot. Only premium users can change their bots presence. !report Allows users to report another member. All reports will be stored in a channel named 'reports'. Bots must have permission to create channels. !suggest Allows a user to make a suggestion. !invite Generates the invite link for the bot and posts it in the server !kick Kicks a user from the server !say Broadcasts a message in the channel !addrole Adds a role to a User !removerole Removes a role from a User !softban Soft bans a user from the server. Removes all their messages from chat and kicks them !purge Deletes a number of messages in a channel !ping Gets the ping of the server and the bot

and some fun !fire kill vc matou alg !TERROR terror !aquaman MINHA INTOR :DDD !só vendo huehuehue !say say something

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