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Builderman is a suggestion and bug reporting utility that also serves as a way to publish new Game Updates.


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Builderman - A simple Bug Reports and Suggestions Utility


Builderman is a simple and easy to use, but an extensive bot, that is built to be the only tool for suggestions and bug reports you need in your Discord server. Besides the main task of managing incoming suggestions and bug reports, Builderman can also be considered an organizational tool. Where the incoming bug reports and suggestions can be reserved, prioritized, and done by developers and simply published in Updates using one simple command.

How to set it up?

To set Builderman up, you have first to define the following things:

  • For which Games are the Users supposed to be able to create suggestions and bug reports? -add-game
  • Where should the suggestions and bug report first be sent to?-holding-channel <#channel>
  • Where should the approved suggestions and bug report being send to?-todo-channel <#channel>
  • Who should be able to use the -publish command?-set-head-dev <@role>

After those have been set up, users can now create new Suggestions and Bug Reports!

How to use Builderman?

In the holding channel

Once you have set up the Bot, Users now can report bugs and suggest new features to your Games. Those will first land in the approval queue (-holding-channel)

Suggestion/Bug Report in approval queue


Once you receive a suggestion, you can either accept it (🟢), open it for a public vote (🟠), or decline it (🔴). Just react to the reaction of your choosing to do so.

Bug Reports

When you receive a bug report you can only accept or decline it. However, you can simply set the priority of the bug report to Low (🟢), Medium (🟠), and High (🔴). Just react to the reaction of your choosing to do so. To decline the bug report, simply click on the Black Circle (⚫️).

The User will get notified if his bug report/suggestion got accepted/declined or has been put up for a vote. Keep in mind you can, but don't have to, add a reason if you decline the suggestion/bug report.

To-Do Channel

After you approved a suggestion/bug report, it will be sent to your configured todo-channel.

Suggestion/Bug Report in todo queue

Here your Developers can now reserve the ticket (📥) and work on it. If it is a bug report they can also change the priority(🟢🟠🔴) if needed.

By pressing on the Book(📒), the ticket will be moved to the publish queue. After which any Head Developer will be able to publish all finished bug reports and suggestions using the -publish command.

If you need to delete a ticket, you can use the black emoji(⚫️).

If you only want to publish one single suggestion or bug report while others are already in the publish queue, you can use the Flag (🏁) to do so.

Publish Emblem
Please use -help to see all commands

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