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Voice Master

Set up a unique audio channel system on your server.






Access the help menu with the .help command

.setup --> Follow steps Creates a temp. Voice Channel Setup .setupname Changes the Created temp. Voice Channel's Name! Note: Having {user} in your Channel name, will replace with the username! Example: .setupname {user}'s VC

.lock Locks the Voice Channel (makes it Private)! .unlock Unlocks the Voice Channel (makes it public)! .kick @User Kicks a User out of Your Channel! .ban @User Kicks and Bans a User from Your Channel! .unban @User Unbans (trust) a User for Your Channel! .trust @User Trusts a User to your Channel! .untrust @User Untrusts a User from your Channel!! .limit Set's the Channel's UserLimit (how many can join) .bitrate Set's the Channel's bitrate .vcinvite @User [optional message] Invites a User for your Voice Channel .promote @User Make someone else owner in your Channel

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