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Michael Rosen bot will read poems to you, use >help to learn more!


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Michael Rosen Bot

Michael Rosen bot is your new favorite! It is perfect for chill servers, if you just wanna hang out with your mates and listen to Children's poems!

We unfortunately can't figure out how to use the YouTube API, so i made my own database of Michael Rosen content. Therefore, not all poems are available. If you want to request a poem, please join our server.

  • >poem - Listen to Michael Rosen's Poems inside of your discord channels.
  • >stop - Stop the current queue.
  • >pause - Pause the currently queue.
  • >resume - Resume the current queue.
  • >skip - Skip the current track.
  • >clear - Clear the current queue. (Requires "Manage Messages" permission.)
  • >poems - View all of the ported poems.
  • >help - Help command
  • >submit - Request a track for the Michael Rosen database.

If you wish to view the rest of the commands, please use the >help command!

Thank you for checking out Michael Rosen Bot!

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